Better solutions for air quality awareness

  • Methane detection
    Methane detection Affordable methane detection system for the Oil & Natural Gas production industry, in the upstream and downstream segments.
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  • Air quality monitoring
    Air quality monitoring Affordable AQM systems for different markets.
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  • Grids
    Grids Because of its affordability, a network of ground based PIGC™Sentinel sensors can be implemented at any scale: from a single well head or compressor, to an industry plant, an entire city, a whole gas production field, a country, or even to an entire continent.
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  • GPI Mission
    GPI Mission “GPI will become the global standard for remote sensing of GHGs and other gas emissions using low-cost, next-generation instru­ments based on extensive satellite measurement heritage”
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Civilization demands energy

Gas Plume Imaging LLC (GPI) is a company providing trace gas monitoring services using networks of revolutionary sensors for Oil & Natural Gas and related industries, serving the upstream as well as the downstream segments.

GPI was formed to commercialize specific gas detection technologies, based on the intellectual property that GATS has developed and improved over the past 30 years for different space missions. GPI brings major advance in ground-based instrumentation by offering complete monitoring solutions (fixed, ground mobile or airborne for pipeline monitoring) based on sensitive next-generation sensors that deliver superior measurements for real-time identification of leaks as well as analyzing, quantifying, and mapping fugitive emissions (either toxic, combustible or explosive gases), with main focus on greenhouse gases (methane CH4, carbon dioxide CO2, nitrous oxide N2O), as well as other simple molecules (like CO, NH3, SOx, NOx, etc.).

Currently there is no efficient and affordable way to monitor gas releases over large areas. GPI’s patented PIGC™ technology fills that void with grid deployment of a novel sensor, representing a true paradigm shift in the gas detection market.